Public Sector Capacity Initiative for Community Governments (PSCICG)


  • Support community governments with building local capacity
  • Assist community governments with hiring, training and retaining Local Government Administrators (LGAs)
  • Improve human resource management within community governments
  • Support professional development of senior administrative staff
  • Promote careers and opportunities in community governments
  • Promote community governments as employers of choice
  • Support good governance of community governments Together, the PSCICG partners and all 33 community governments of the NWT are committed to building public service capacity through this initiative.

What This Will Mean for Communities

  • Knowledgeable and skilled administrative and elected leaders in community governments
  • Access to resources and tools
  • Development and retention of professionals
  • Increased capacity and strengthening of local government administration
  • Professional recognition of LGAs
  • Stronger, healthier communities across the North

Local Government Administrator (LGA) is used as a common term to include titles such as Senior Administrative Officer (SAO), Band or Town Manager, City Administrator and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).